DJ Khaled, God Did

Can you really call this gospel rap when the man at the helm's a devout Muslim? Well, why not? And he makes good use of his vocal talent squad: having Kanye sing the Lord's praises in "Use This Gospel" might not have been all that inventive given his recent output, but having Eminem rapping over it certainly was. Some of the, uh, "secular" tracks work fairly well too, especially the R&B-smooth "Beautiful," even if Drake's "Staying Alive" feels more like auto-tuned Rick James than the Bee Gees. But the title track is more about the glory of Jay-Z and Lil Wayne than God's (ditto for Quavo and Roddy Ricch later on), I didn't know tats and b*tches got you closer to heaven, and an unoriginal mix with 58 minutes of copypasted beats definitely doesn't. So I guess that's why not. (Content: F-, S- and N-bombs, adult themes, violent imagery.)