Zapp & Roger, All the Greatest Hits

Mmm, no: don't call it a compilation because it's not. Instead, Warner, wisely realizing the weakness of the source material (with the exception of Zapp II, here represented by just two tracks, "Dance Floor" and "Doo Wa Ditty"), grabbed some of Roger Troutman's solo work as wood filler to shore it up — no coincidence he was billed as producer. That's fine so far as it goes (especially "I Want To Be Your Man" and "So Ruff So Tuff"), plus the best parts of début Zapp are here and the inclusion of "Computer Love" means you're spared listening to the rest of The New Zapp IV U, but the three "'93" remixes are unwelcome and the final track is nothing more than a showboat rehash of the previous ones. You might be better off treating this as the do-over album they never got to do, and in that sense it's better than what they started with, but its flaws aren't easy to ignore. (Content: mild adult themes.)