Portugal. The Man, Woodstock

What happened to this band? How much did they get to sell out? In the Mountain in the Cloud was a singular vision, a couple solid singles, more sophisticated than the other hipster pop around that time, but it went to hell in Evil Friends (literally?) and this one isn't any better. The major problem is the revolving door of producers, yielding a kitchen junk drawer of tracks cynically intended to be chopped up as singles. The best are the two Asa Taccone came in on ("Feel It Still," the album's best track, and secondarily "Keep On"), which both play to the band's strengths with a sparer, simpler mix plus just enough sweetening and just enough bounce; of a similar, if more gauche, ilk Stint-cow-orked "Tidal Wave" gets an honourable mention, maybe "Easy Tiger" too. Then it goes downhill quick: Danger Mouse didn't learn anything from their last album and keeps trying to make his tracks into the next Gnarls Barkley ("Number One" is a bad way to start, but Fat Lip on vocals for "Mr. Lonely"? Say what?), and the other John Hill ones are the worst, overweight pop bilge tarted up in the studio like an aging drunken teenybopper trying to balance on stilettos. I mean, "Live in the Moment" isn't irredeemable, but "Rich Friends" isn't as clever as it thinks it is, and the rest seem like they came from some other band entirely. I guess we should be glad the cover's not a dumpster on fire. (Content: S-bombs in "Mr. Lonely" [and F-bombs] and "Noise Pollution.")