Danny Elfman, So-Lo

Not so much a contractual obligation album as a contractual supplication one after getting dropped by IRS, this Oingo Boingo album in all but name was Elfman's only official solo effort until his quarantine release in 2021. It's still not their best: trapped in their A&M malaise until Dead Man's Party, it was an acknowledged low point for the band (Kerry Hatch and Richard Gibbs departed and only appear on one track, a leftover off Good For Your Soul) and their previous energy and subterfuge just aren't consistently apparent. Still, "Gratitude" in its several incarnations was a credible radio hit (and even made the soundtrack for Beverly Hills Cop), "Cool City" is just seamy enough and "Tough as Nails" and "Everybody Needs" still have their old caustic tang. Other than "Gratitude" none really stands out but at least none really sags. So low, indeed. The various reissues have alternative edits of "Gratitude," not always to the song's benefit. (Content: adult themes.)