EMF, Schubert Dip

I like this more than most alternative dance in that you can, you know, dance to it. Now, do also be advised that the lyrics are throwaway, the music doesn't really go anywhere and the beats are generally indistinguishable from track to track; there were only really two songs (the twisty thumping hit "Unbelievable" and the new wave-NRG four-on-the-floor of "Children"), maybe three ("Girl of an Age"'s unattainable subject) that seriously hooked me in. That suggests an obscured talent not well demonstrated on the remainder but that doesn't mean the album's bad, just not what it could have been. Other than the ill-advised Mark David Chapman cameo on "Lies" ("that's the way destiny works") and the obnoxious live hidden track "EMF," it's something energetic you don't have to listen to very closely, and I'll never condemn an album solely for that. (Content: F-bombs in "EMF.")