The Veronicas, GODZILLA

Certainly other electropop acts could learn a thing or two from these ladies. While it's still got the faux annoying grit that says I'm only dangerous in a studio, and their dynamic range varies exactly from tortuous to inaudible with nothing inbetween, the autotune isn't obvious (if it's there, it's judiciously applied), the melodies are more thoughtful and the arrangements and production more sophisticated than this genre's usual fare. And hey, no problem double-tracking the vocals, right? The title track has a harsh grunge vibe that grows on you, the vocals weep especially authentically in "Silent," and I was pretty impressed by the well-realised retro strut in "Stealing Cars." That said, it's still very much an album of its type: "101" has nice backing but recycled sentiment, "In It To Win It" is the same post-modern pep rally you've heard a thousand times and "In My Blood" has possibly the worst metaphor for anatomy and turntables I've ever encountered in pop music. (I've also sincerely got my doubts they themselves remember arcade machines or Atari ("High Score").) On the other hand, the cliché breathy little girl voice is my only major quibble with "Kaleidoscope" and "Catch Fire" could easily be an over-credits theme from the next Hollywood blockbuster. Although it remains irredeemably embedded in a genre not noted for breaking molds, it doesn't take a lot of innovation to stand out either. (Content: adult themes, an S-bomb.)