David Gilmour

A not-bad first-solo effort by Pink Floyd's guitarist during the interregnum between Animals and The Wall, which would be a good description of the style as well. The album photograph comes off particularly low-effort for Hipgnosis, however, and the gatefold spread of personal snaps feels like a party you weren't invited to. For that matter Gilmour was never much of a lyricist either; the tedious "So Far Away" in particular sprawls thematically for the better part of six minutes. But even "So Far Away" has good musicship going for it and not just guitar — he also appears on piano and organ, with a couple session mercenaries in for drum and bass, and as befit the prog rock fashion of the day there are also several instrumentals, all strong (though "Mihalis" and "Deafinitely" are the standouts). Of the vocal tracks, "There's No Way Out Of Here" (which he didn't write) and "I Can't Breathe Anymore" (which he did) are good, solid, pensive rock and the others at least please melodically. If he wanted just to see if he could do it, I've heard worse. The 2008 remaster lengthens most of the tracks, a blessed improvement over the usual practise of including alternate takes, but the differences will be too subtle for most to appreciate. (Content: no concerns.)