The Edgar Winter Group, They Only Come Out At Night

Let's skip the so-glam-it's-creepy cover in which a shirtless Edgar Winter mugs in lipstick, sideburns and a rhinestone necklace and turn to the music, shall we? Despite that and the androgynous band photo, we have some pretty solid blues rock like the classics "Hangin' Around" and "Free Ride," plus the Latin-flavoured "Alta Mira" and the album's lightest track "Autumn," whose turn is still sweet even if the lyrics ring saccharine. The harder tracks like "When It Comes," "Undercover Man" and "Rock 'N' Roll Boogie Woogie Blues" have an unwelcome samey feel to them, and "Round & Round"'s changeling love story is hackneyed, but even if they're nothing special you'll still leave them playing. That said, the best track on the album is the closing instrumental "Frankenstein," a classic prog rock monster whose structured formalism feels almost out of place with the more freeform remainder, but nevertheless stands as this lineup's strongest work ever. In fact, it's probably the single greatest reason to have this disc in your collection. It's just that good. (Content: no concerns.)