Trooper, Hot Shots

World famous in Canada! The stench of Randy Bachman's production is all over this group but all the songs you thought American bands did and actually didn't are here, right down to the classic "Raise A Little Hell" which I've even heard variously attributed to Kiss and Twisted Sister. (Eh.) This compilation needs a better engineer — they solved the tape hiss warning on the back of the CD by apparently mastering it at half-volume — but there are solid choices such as "General Hand Grenade," "We're Here For A Good Time (Not A Long Time)" and a slightly altered "The Boys In The Bright White Sports Car," and what's not standout is still enjoyable even if it's not always distinguished. In fact, the choices are so solid it pretty much eliminates any need to buy any of their other albums, making it a wonderful greatest hits collection and a disastrously poor business choice all at the same time. Hosers! (Content: no concerns.)