Lakeside, Fantastic Voyage

They weren't exactly a one-hit funk wonder but this was their one funk hit, and it was a big one. Naturally it has the party pleaser title track, an exceptional single by itself, but there's a lot of other great beats on this album like "Your Love Is On The One" and the slow jam delights "Say Yes" and "I Love Everything You Do." The lyrics are a bit transparent ("I Need You" especially), the last track is a throwaway and the otherwise entertaining "Eveready Man" owes as much to James Brown's "Sex Machine" as it does to the battery manufacturer, but you'll have a good time all the time just the same. But wait, there's more! The Cherry Red Robinsongs UK reissue combines this, several 7" mixes and their preceding two albums into an inexpensive two-disc set which is just perfect for any devotee of the genre. Shot Of Love, their second release, is almost as strong as this one with the standout "Given In To Love" [sic], and their third album Rough Riders may overdo the cowboy motif but still has its moments. How is it that the Poms know how to do funk reissues right and we have to import them in the States? Who screwed that up so badly? (Content: no concerns.)