Best of Brick

The most accessible means today of hearing this jazz-funk fusion band is probably this inexpensive compilation disc as many of their LPs are long out of print. All their big singles are here, notably "Dazz" (their term for disco-jazz, although the disco influence is mercifully reduced in favour of the funk), "Music Matic," "Dusic" and "All The Way," and pretty much everything's got a groove, but with their greatest commercial success coming very early in their career the tracklist almost completely dwells on the samey feel of those first few albums. Indeed, virtually nothing dates after 1980 despite the inclusion of some rather deserving non-singles and B-sides such as "Don't Ever Lose Your Love" and the irrepressible "Happy." This overreliance on early hits makes the disc an inherently poor survey of their work, but on the other hand in retrospect it's a much more approachable one as well. (Content: no concerns.)