Fleetwood Mac, Tango In The Night

"Little Lies" was the first Fleetwood Mac song I ever remember listening to on the radio, despite the fact that everyone cited Lindsey Buckingham's earlier works as their better. I paid it no mind; Tango In The Night may not fully manifest the verve of, say, Rumours, and the 80s pop stylings have not aged so well, but as the last album from the band's classic lineup I can think of worse notes to end on. My biggest quibble is that it was made for singles and relies on their tried and true formula, and indeed six of its twelve tracks were singles, so by being purpose-built for airplay there's nothing especially experimental or revelatory to be found. But this incarnation, anyway, of Fleetwood Mac knew its audience and delivered uncompromisingly, and in addition to the 45's the album does have some unexpected pleasures such as the wistful longings of "When I See You Again" and the synthetic Eastern twang of "Mystified." You may have heard it all before, and I suspect the way most people will hear the album today is still in those cuts and singles, but I won't lie if I tell you I like hearing the tracks again together all the more. Not even a little. (Content: no concerns.)