The Brothers Johnson Greatest Hits

An enthusiastic if uneven collection, the chief issue is the sprawling styles. "Free and Single" and (to its great shame) "Stomp!" are fun but a little too much disco and not enough funk, and their new wave 80s output is even less credible: "Funk It" doesn't rise above all the me-too style clones around that time and slow jam "Tokyo" gets aimless, which goes for most of the slower tracks except for the luxurious "Strawberry Letter #23" and maybe the jazzish "Q." On the other hand, "Get The Funk Out Of My Face," "Ain't We Funkin' Now" and especially the exultantly exuberant "Ride-O-Rocket" are funk classics that no party should be without. It hits most of their singles, most good, some weaker, but none of them short on attitude. (Content: no concerns.)