The Brothers Johnson Greatest Hits

An enthusiastic if uneven collection, the chief issue is it's too all over the place. "Free and Single" and (to its great shame) "Stomp!" are fun but excessive with the disco and stingy with the funk, while their new wave 80s output is even less credible; "Funk It" doesn't rise above all the me-too style clones around that time and slow jam "Tokyo" gets aimless, which goes for most of the slower tracks except for the luxurious "Strawberry Letter #23" and maybe the jazzish "Q." On the other hand, "Get The Funk Out Of My Face," "Ain't We Funkin' Now" and especially the exultantly exuberant "Ride-O-Rocket" are funk classics that no party should be without. It hits most of their singles, most good, some weaker, but none of them short on effort. (Content: no concerns.)