Daft Punk, Discovery

They may be incredibly reticent about public appearances and live out their concert existences in ventilated robot helmets, but it's the weird ones that come up with the cool stuff. I love all of the disparate pieces they pull together on their one and only truly great album, the party music ("Crescendolls"), the technofunk ("Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger"), the smooth introspection ("Nightvision," "Veridis Quo"), the caressing romance ("Digital Love," "Something About Us"). Inexplicably this was allegedly also the soundtrack to their bespoke anime outing, but that's just them being weird again. Just misses five stars for not being everyone's cup of tea, though even the disco detractors will find their body grooving in spite of themselves. Fresh, funky and fabulous, if this is the French answer to Kraftwerk, the Frogs are ahead of the game. (Content: no concerns.)